Wedding? Yes I do

Wedding cards


We had quickly agreed: when we get married, we wouldn’t want to celebrate in a castle or a wedding hotel. We had no desire for a typical wedding in white and all the other kitsch that belongs to one. If it was to be a wedding, then the party should take place in Berlin Wedding. This is the hipster ghetto of the latest generation! It’s also our home and thus the place we would celebrate. The whole residential area gave us all the necessary ingredients for our design. The concept "Next station: Wedding" inspired us to fold the invitation like a subway map. We created a look and feel similar to the district Wedding – a little rough, with texture and structure. The celebration took place at the ”Tangoloft” in the „Gerichtshöfe Wedding“. All photos were taken in the „Kiez“ (neighbourhood) because "Wonderful" and "Wedding" belong together! Thanks to the street artist!

Client: Kinga & Sven Darsow / Sector: Private event; wedding / Date: Summer 2012 / Repertoire: Art Direction , Design , Graphic Design , Illustration , Layout & Composition , Layout & Typography , Print Supervision , Project Management / Notes: Project team: Kinga & Sven Darsow, Photo: „Wonderful Wedding“ Mascha Lohe /