Wedding Invitation

Wedding Fan


Last year, almost silently and secretly, Valeska and Marc went to the civil registry office. The result: a double-yes! And this year was the big party. M&V decided to celebrate their love and their lovely garden at the same time. The invitation to the wedding celebrations at the “Ahlerhof”, which was bound loosely together with photographic evidence and VIP-bands, was adorned with a charming monogram of the initials of the couple, which my husband and I both designed.

Client: Valeska und Marc / Sector: Private Veranstaltung; Hochzeit / Date: Januar 2017 / Repertoire: Art Direction , Conception , Design , Design Consulting , Graphic Design , Layout & Composition , Layout & Typography , Logo Design , Print , Print Supervision , Project Management , Scribble , Visual Communication / Notes: Collaboration: Sven Darsow / Paper: recycled, free from acid and FSC® certified Muskatcarton. /