Time Tunnel Images

Corporate Design


The digital photo gallery Time Tunnel Images specializes in the fine-art printing of historical photos. Their photographic masterpieces are printed on high-quality, uncoated paper in an elaborate pigment-inkjet printing process. TTI delivers the prints packaged together with the background story of the printed photo. I developed the corporate design in collaboration with my husband, Sven Darsow. The aim was to transform the quality of high value prints into the look and feel of their corporate branding and corporate communication. Thus, we created a harmoniously chosen appearance. My job was the design of the print products. Among other products, we created and designed: business documents characterized by the use of the font Klavika; the documents containing historical background for each delivered photo in a stylish folder; a promotional flyer which served to increase the clicks on the website; and a miniature of framed pictures in form of a postcard, used as an invitation to the exhibition by Herbert Maschke.

Client: Time Tunnel Images, Dr. Stefan Pegatzky / Sector: Fine Art Prints / Date: Juli 2012 / Repertoire: Branding , Corporate Communication , Corporate Design , Corporate Publishing , Design , Graphic Design , Layout & Composition , Layout & Typography , Screen Design , Stationery Design , Web Design , Wireframing / Notes: Art Direction & Webdesign: Sven Darsow /