The Bankers

Music promotion


As part of my studies, I designed and illustrated a promotional material for the band The Bankers and their album "Music: The Real Currency". With their Lo-Fi rock, The Bankers position themselves ironically in a bourgeois lifestyle – sex, drugs and exchange rates. In line with this theme, I designed numerous advertising materials. A new currency entitled “the Rocks" offered a foundation for the development of a design style. The musicians pose as elaborate illustrations on the fresh banknotes. Each banker has his own color scheme. Song texts decorate the back of the banknote while the musician plays his instrument. The coins double up as badges for pinning to a jacket, for example. A leather wallet serves as the CD cover and various bankcards decorate the inner leaflet. The "Bankers"-concert is advertised using a stack of banknotes in the poster.

Course: Graphic Design / Supervision: Prof. Lex Drewinski / Date: Summer Semester 2010 / Repertoire: Art Direction , Graphic Design , Illustration / Notes: It is a fictitious concept for an actual existing band. /