Spielverderber (Spoilsport)



Why are most games with an ecological theme unsuccessful? Because of the often exaggerated advocacy implicit in the game, that we should change the world for the better. “Spielverderber” (Spoilsport) does this better. The ironic name illustrates the contradiction in which the way the game works: play, fun and amusement combined with important but unpleasant questions. “Spielverderber” is inspired by digital point and click adventures, but takes place in a real environment. The narrative acts as a dream in which the players solve tasks and puzzles about the consequences and causes of climate change. We turn serious topics into a game to create an experience that pushes players to fight not only their weaker inner selves, but also against climate change.

Course: Final thesis / Supervision: Prof. Jutta Simson & Prof. Hermann Weizenegger / Date: 2011 – 2012 / Repertoire: Art Direction , Book Design , Branding , Conception , Corporate Design , Design , Design & Presentation , Design Thinking , Digital Media , Graphic Design , Illustration , Image Concept , Information Graphics , Layout & Composition , Layout & Typography , Logo Design , Poster Design , Print / Notes: Working title: Severity becomes game Project team: Kinga Darsow (communications design) & Ulla Egelhof (product design) Selected for the exhibition “Applaus“ (Top of the Graduales 2012) /