Nutella Wettbewerb

Design of the label


Design of the Here we go, here we go here we go… we are the champions ... That’s what we thought when we entered the Nutella competition. The goal was a new label as a special edition for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, to be designed by Nutella fans of the German Republic. Thus, we illustrated well into overtime, and created a football frieze that shows fans packed on top of each other on the soccer pitch. Ecstasy by pencil stroke. And upon the final whistle we only got the consolation prize: winner of hearts! dealing with the subject "nutella and football" for a special edition during the World Cup 2010.

Sector: Foods / Course: Illustration & Grafik-Design / Date: 2010 / Repertoire: Art Direction , Design Consulting , Illustration , Layout & Composition , Layout & Typography , Project Management , Screen , Scribble , Visual Communication / Notes: Competition Project team: Kinga Darsow & Ulla Egelhof /