Nicole Woischwill

Analogue Photography


The photographer Nicole Woischwill entrusted me with the relaunch of her corporate design for both print and online media. The goal was to put her melancholic poetry and the brilliant craft of her work at the core of the presentation. As a result, the powerful monogram that was created is characterised by subtle determination, while at the same time staying in the background of her powerful pictures. The overall appearance, ranging from the business card to the responsive website, is driven by a design concept requiring extensive flair in typography. Analogous to her art, the displayed fragments of her images encapsulate the storytelling of her photography. This comes to life particularly well through the website, which no longer requires fixed images in today’s world of tablets and smartphones. On the main page, the visitor ‘takes the picture’, hence moving from image to image.

Client: Nicole Woischwill / Sector: Analoge Photographie / Date: 2015 / Repertoire: Art Direction , Branding , Corporate Design , Graphic Design , Logo Design , Screen Design , Web Design , Wireframing /