Artist's book


I designed the artist's book "Lichtgestalten" (“Figures of Light”) for the photographer Nicole Woischwill. Since 1998, she has been developing motives to tell stories from her everyday life in a picturesque way. She finds her pictures with a self-made camera obscura, without any camera lens. Her works are exquisite photographs without any digital manipulation – dreamy, spherical, sometimes threatening. The book comes packaged in a "dark chamber" – a box that symbolizes the principle of the camera obscura. The typography on the title is as fleeting and puzzling as the forms and figures in the artist's photos. The plotted letters reveal the name of the book only upon second glance: "Lichtgestalten". The pictures are printed on the finest Innova Book Art paper using the Glicée method. The additional prints from Artificial Image captivate with their high degree of lightfastness as well as color brilliance and precision. On additional pages, the artist presents a poem. The format, color and touch of the paper change throughout the book. The text on the shortened pages is arranged in a playful manner, inviting the reader to interpret while flipping through the different pages.

Client: Nicole Woischwill; master’s apprentice under Arno Fischer / Course: Photography / Supervision: Prof. Wiebke Loeper / Date: Summer Semester 2009 / Repertoire: Art Direction , Graphic Design , Print / Notes: Cooperation between the Ostkreuzschule Berlin and the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam /