Founder brochure



The non-profit project " Herausforderung Unternehmertum " raises the entrepreneurial spirit in young people. I was commissioned to design the brochure on the subject "Entrepreneurship". The goal of the design was to go beyond a documentary presentation and to visualize the project participants, and the stories of their beginnings. The client sought the inclusion of illustrative elements and a magazine-layout. Under the motto: "Making the entrepreneur spirit visible", I developed a scribble-like illustration style that illustrates the start-up spirit and its ideas. The sketches describe the founders’ initial ideas and are surrounded by a watercolor cloud.

Client: Herausforderung Unternehmertum, Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft (sdw) gGmbH / Sector: Stiftungswesen / Date: Mai 2015 bis Juni 2015 / Repertoire: Art Direction , Corporate Communication , Graphic Design , Illustration , Image Concept , Print /