Diorama two

Poster & flyer


Diorama is a design market specialized in art, graphics and design. Diorama not only involves consumption but also creation – work and shop in one place, a unique concept. I was asked to design a poster and the flyers for the announcement. The goal was to increase awareness and visitor numbers. Whoever comes here is looking for something special. This could take the form of inspiration and ideas, a special experience or a unique product. The typography & illustrations reflect the quality of handmade products and the topics of "DIY" can be interpreted from the Graphic Design.

Client: Diorama Berlin / Sector: Art, graphic and design / Date: August 2014 / Repertoire: Art Direction , Design , Design Consulting , Graphic Design , Illustration , Image Concept , Layout & Composition , Layout & Typography , Logo Design , Poster Design , Print , Print Supervision , Project Management , Scribble , Visual Communication /