Series of poster

Bière la comète


La Chaux-de-Fonds is a small town in Switzerland, known as the town of time, clocks and clockmakers. Unfortunately, the little town isn’t quite famous for its beer tradition. "It’s time to change that," said the watchmaker Roman Winiger, who quickly learned how to brew. His goal was to rescue the local brand "la comète" from oblivion, and he reintroduced the comet as a regional and biological specialty. He commissioned my husband and myself to create a series of posters to launch and introduce the new brand. Drinking "la comète" brings associations with the unique character of the watchmaker's city, thus inspiring the combination of time and beer: A beer glass as timekeeper – “full hour”, “half past” and “almost done”. What time is it now in New York? We created this reusable design idea complete with illustration style for a continuation of the campaign, which could be easily implemented by our friend Yvonne Dickopf.

Client: bière la comète, Roman Winiger / Sector: Bier / Date: Herbst 2013 / Repertoire: Conception , Design , Graphic Design , Illustration , Layout & Composition , Layout & Typography , Poster Design , Storytelling , Visual Communication / Notes: Note: Project team: Kinga (Illustration & Graphic Design) & Sven Darsow (Art Direction), Yvonne Dickopf (Packshot), Roman Winiger und Dag Olsen (Translation: German-French) /