Annabel Werbrouck

Signet & cards


The Belgian photographer Annabel Werbrouck commissioned me to design a card series. The aim of the design was to give her artistic photographs the main role in the composition. Her artworks embody insinuation and suggestion. They are indirect, transient and silent. She uses blurs or reflections and light colors for her imagery. This opens up much room for interpretation by the observer. Accordingly, the resulting design is cautious and works as a minimalistic stage for her images and the stories they bring. To complement the card set, I developed a simple and succinct monogram for Annabel.

Client: Annabel Werbrouck / Sector: Photography / Date: June 2013 / Repertoire: Art Direction , Branding , Corporate Communication , Design , Design Consulting , Design Thinking , Graphic Design , Layout & Composition , Layout & Typography , Logo Design , Print , Print Supervision , Project Management , Visual Communication /