Inventing Visual Identities

Visual identity creates recognition and distinction. In combination with words and actions, a distinct appearance can bring about a unique personality. Each task is therefore a process of creation and invention, through which people and brands discover themselves visually. Would you like to change, develop or reinvent your visual role play? Then feel free to contact me via phone or email.

Curriculum Vitae

I painted my very first portfolio on my mother’s kitchen wall. My leitmotif: horses. My reward: confinement to my room.

Due to a similar lack of discipline, I left the family nest 15 years later to start an apprenticeship in North Rhine-Westphalia. Upon becoming a certified graphic designer I felt drawn to the German capital in 1999. One internship later, I was hired by Publicis Berlin as a desktop publisher.  After reminding myself of my creative horsepowers I then advanced to Junior Designer at Proforma, among other agencies.

By now, I work as a freelance graphic designer and I can take advantage of my free flowing creative juices. Simultaneously, I have earned a degree in communications design from the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam in March 2012. During the past few years I have built a varied client base. I love to work for non-profit organizations and charitable institutions.

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My work incorporates all aspects of visual communication. I createprojects in the fields of conceptual design, graphic-design and illustration for print and digital media. I visualize communicative guiding ideas and realize my work through the proper handling of typography, colors and compositions. I run photo shoots, manage the programming of websites and keep my budgets in mind.



  • Komposition-, Layout- &
  • Plakatgestaltung
  • Flyer & Kartengestaltung
  • Geschäftsberichte
  • Image- und Produkt­broschüren

Corporate Design

  • Logogestaltung
  • Geschäftsausstattung
  • Brand Design
  • Corporate Publishing


  • Buchgestaltung
  • Magazingestaltung



  • Entwicklung von Bildideen
  • Scribble & Reinzeichnung
  • Storytelling
  • Kompostion & Layout
  • Stilberatung


  • Entwicklung & Umsetzung


  • Entwicklung & Umsetzung von illustrativen Informationsgrafiken


  • Screendesign
  • Webdesign
  • Konzeption
  • Wireframing
  • Projektmanagement

Work Approach

Each design task is a customized creation process. It starts with a list of questions and answers. Based on the results  we develop a briefing together to  define common design goals. My workflow is guided by an iterative process. Iam used to starting the creative designing in close collaboration ​with my clients and a first idea sketch. Logos, brochures and websites are created step by step. This methods makes it possible to exceed customer expectations and to keep the budget balanced.


Depending on the size of the project and the specific requirements, I work in cooperation with a network of experts. We love to collaborate in a team, but we also enjoy our work as independent freelancers. This flexibility allows us to work on different projects.


Mascha Lohe

Mascha Lohe

  • Freelance photographer |
  • Degree in Social Equity Education (MA)
  • Extended studies in photography with Sibylle Bergemann („Fotografie am Schiffbauer Damm - FAS“)

Expert in visual imagery:

„An intuitive sensing of personality and the particular beauty found in every person combined with a feeling for composition and location transforms a photograph into a natural and emotional portrait. This magic of photography has always been the reason for me to take my camera in hand.“

Sophia Opperskalski

Sophia Opperskalski

  • Founder and owner of interloom
  • Consultant for sustainable material sourcing
  • Master of Science of Integrated Natural Resource Management

Sustainability expert:

"Together we can design and fashion the world’s future! Protect the environment (ecological dimension). Fight injustice and build up true partnerships (social dimension). Fight poverty and secure economic viability (economic dimension). Improve health (sanitary dimension). Delight with beauty and design (emotional dimension)".

Marian Großklaus

Marian Großklaus

  • Commercial web developer (part time)

  • Master of Science in Media Informatics

Technical expert:

No, Kinga, it doesn’t work like this! ... But wait, if I ... hmm, that could be ... Yes! That's it! "

Anna Wenger

Anna Wenger

work in progress

work in progress

work in progress